Use Cases

Using Lytics With Facebook Lookalike Audiences

One of the most powerful features of integrating Lytics and Facebook is the ability to extend highly targeted audiences built in Lytics to Facebook lookalike audiences. With Lytics you can collect and enrich cross-channel first party data and build custom audiences to act as targeting criteria for your marketing campaigns. Lytics audiences combined with the power of Facebook lookalike will allow you to reach new users who have similar characteristics to your most valuable users.

This article will guide you through the setup process for using a Lytics audience as the source of a Facebook lookalike audience and how to use the lookalike in an ad campaign.

Before You Begin:

You should have a Facebook Business Ads account and set up authenticated with Lytics. For audiences of anonymous users, you will need to have the Facebook Pixel and the Lytics Javascript Tag installed on your website.

Build your Source Audience in Lytics

To create a Facebook lookalike audience you will need a source audience, which you can build in Lytics. The quality of users in your source audience is key to the success of your lookalike audience, as the goal of a lookalike is to find and select new users who "look like" (have similar characteristics) to the users in your source audience.

  1. Sign into your Lytics account.
  2. Navigate to the Audience section.
  3. Click Create New Audience.
  4. In the Name your audience... text box, enter a descriptive title for your audience.
  5. Use the audience builder to create a subset of high value users based on the contents of your ad. You might consider the following use cases which walk you through how to build the source audience:
  1. Verify that the user count of your audience looks correct. Facebook expects the source audience to be anywhere from 1,000 to 50,000 users. Make sure your audience is specific, yet large enough to be a representative sample.

audience builder free trial

  1. If the audience you've created is made up of anonymous users, you will need to enable API access.
  2. When you have finalized your audience, click Create to save it.

Export to Facebook

Now that you've created an audience in Lytics, you will need to export it to Facebook so that it can become the source of your lookalike. This process is different if the audience is made up of anonymous versus known users.

If your Lytics audience is made up of known users, you will export it as a custom audience to Facebook, follow the steps detailed here to configure and export.

If your Lytics audience is made up of unknown users, you will create a new Facebook web traffic audience as the source of your lookalike, follow the steps detailed here.

Create a Facebook Lookalike Audience

Once you have exported your audience, it may take up to an hour for the audience to be ready to use in a lookalike, as indicated by the Availablility column on the Facebook audience list view. When your audience is ready, proceed with the following steps.

  1. From the Create Audience dropdown, select Lookalike Audience.

facebook create lookalike

  1. In the Source selection of the Create Lookalike Audience modal, select the custom audience you just exported from Lytics.
  2. Select a Location and Audience Size to finish configuring your lookalike audience.

facebook configure lookalike

  1. Click Create Audience.
  2. Your lookalike audience should now appear in the list. With the availability marked as Updating audience.

facebook lookalike audience

Assign your Lookalike Audience to a Facebook Ad

When your lookalike audience has the Ready status, you can proceed to use it in an ad.

  1. Begin creating your ad, following your normal process. If you are building an ad for the first time, follow the Facebook Ad creation guidelines.
  2. When you reach the audience step when creating an ad set, select the lookalike audience you created in the steps above.

facebook ad configure

  1. Complete the ad creation process by filling in the remain assets and creative, click Confirm on the final step, when you're ready to deploy your ad.

NOTE: Make sure the creative for your ad will appeal to the users you are trying to target. For full examples, check out the use cases listed above which provide some ideas of ads you can serve to a lookalike audience.