Use Cases

Target High-Propensity Prospects with Higher Bids

Some audiences warrant additional spend and targeting compared to others. For high-propensity prospects, we recommend targeting these audiences in Google DoubleClick Bid Manager with higher bids.

Leveraging user fields

This use case will provide a suggested audience definitions to optimize your spend. These audiences will leverage the following fields:

  • Commerce user fields Lifetime Value (LTV) or Lead Status.
  • The Lytics data science score such as propensity to help qualify your leads.

Note: The Lytics StartSmart data schema supports a standard set of commerce fields including the two used in this use case. If you aren't using the StartSmart schema these fields may also be mapped to your account, for example if you've imported data from Salesforce you should have access to the field Salesforce: Most Recent Lead Status.

Building Your target audience

Using the fields mentioned above you can build one or more of these suggested audience to use in ad campaigns.

High Propensity and High Value Prospects

This audience will contain two rulesets, combined with "AND" logic, as we'd like to capture leads, who either have a high propensity (highly likely to return) or a high lifetime value.

For your first ruleset, use the Lead Status user field, and set it to equal the "Open" status, or an equivalent status for your business.

For the second ruleset, combine the User's Lifetime Value field with the Lytics Data Science score Propensity using "OR" logic to narrow in on your most qualified leads.


Activating your audience

Engaging users through Google's DoubleClick Bid Manager is a multi-step process. But once set up, Lytics manages the process automatically in real-time.

  1. Link your DoubleClick account to Google Analytics 360 (GA). Google has published a video tutorial outlining this process.

  2. Make sure that Lytics is configured to sync users with GA. Our Google analytics integration documentation has instruction to sync with GA.

  3. Once set up, you will be able to use the New Segment feature in GA and create a GA audience based on your Lytics audience.

  4. Then configure the destination to be DoubleClick Bid Manager. GA-destination

  5. Finally, click Publish, and the audience and users will be available in DoubleClick Bid Manager for targeting. As users continue to engage with your sites, DoubleClick Bid Manager will be kept up-to-date.