Use Cases

Suppress Users from Ad Campaigns

For any advertiser, thinking through audiences you want to exclude from an ad campaign is equally as important as the audience you do want to show ads to. By narrowing your targetable audience in intelligent ways, you reduce your overall ad spend by removing wasted ad impressions from users least likely to convert. In turn, this reduces your overall cost per acquisition for campaigns and improves conversion rate.

Lytics can help provide suppression audiences in two key ways.

  1. By leveraging out-of-the-box data science scores to remove users who are most likely to be disengaged with your brand, casual browsers or unlikely to re-engage
  2. Use Lytics' real-time capabilities to suppress users from ad campaigns as soon as they complete a desired action whether that is making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, or any other conversion event.

Once you have built your suppression audience in Lytics, this audience should be exported to Facebook, either via a Customer Match export or Web Traffic Sync. This audience will then become a custom audience available for targeting within your Facebook Ads account. As you are creating your Facebook campaign, within the Custom Audience dropdown, you have the option to include or exclude any existing audience. By selecting Exclude the audience list that you have exported to Facebook from Lytics will now be excluded from your campaign. facebok exclusion

For more information see Facebook's articles about Exclusion Marketing on Facebook.