Use Cases

Serving Ads On Site with Lytics Audiences

By leveraging first-party data in Lytics for both known and anonymous users, you can create highly targeted and highly valuable audiences to target ads to within your own site. Depending on the kind of data you’ve imported into Lytics, you may now have previously unmonetized events that can now be sold to advertisers and targeted against via the Google Ad Manager integration. Audiences can be used in combination with Google Ad Manager as Key-Values to direct a more customized ad experience to specific users.

Build a High-Value Segment

Lytics data science scoring is one way customers can reach highly specific audiences who are likely to interact in specific ways or have a high affinity for specific content. Out of the box, Lytics will assign users scores around topics found in the content they’re consuming on your website, allowing you to create an audience of both known and anonymous users around specific topics. Even basic content affinity audiences can be a powerful way to monetize specific programs and advertising packages to partners. A sample audience could be as simple if a user as any affinity for a topic, for example the following audience contains users with an affinity for Netflix: Screenshot 2019-03-01 13.51.39

A second way to strategically target ads to specific audiences is by importing known data about users (such as companies employed for or job titles) and merging this data with web activity. By leveraging your own known customers and tying these profiles to web activity, you can now target highly specific audiences. For example you could direct executive-level visitors to specific advertisers. Depending on the data you’ve imported, you may be able to build the following audience that targets users working in HR in the healthare industry: Screenshot 2019-03-01 13.56.04

Increasing the size of your audience

Sometimes an audience you've identified as High Value may not be large enough to be used effectively and monetized in Google Ad Manager. You can turn to Lytics' SegmentML offering to identify other users in your pool of first-party data that resemble users in your High Value segment. Please reach out to the Lytics support team to determine if this is a good option for your particular use case and goal.

Once you have your audiences defined, you can utilize these audiences with Google Ad Manager for targeting.

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