Use Cases

Sending Lytics Audiences to Iterable for Distributing Your Email Campaigns

You have the opportunity to message to prospects and existing customers in real-time by activating an Iterable Experience. This seamless connection allows you to deliver personalized and relevant email campaign such as a triggered welcome message or a marketing campaign (e.g. coupon offer, personalized content recommendations, etc.) to subscribers as they interact with your brand based on Lytics’ behavior-based and predictive audiences.

This guide will cover how an audience is exported from Lytics for use in an email campaign distributed with Iterable as the email service provider (ESP).

triggered email

Before you begin

You should have an Iterable account connected to your Lytics account and an HTML email template.

Building your audience for real-time activation

Looking to send a triggered welcome message once a user completes an action on your site? Perhaps you want to send a targeted offer to get a user to return to complete a purchase. Let Lytics help identify the users who are ready for your content.

By building an audience in Lytics focused on identifying users, you can target specific groups based on their behaviors and interests, content affinity, or behavioral characteristics based on previous engagement to ensure users get the right message at the right time.

Once your audience is created and ready for activation, Lytics will update the users in Iterable automatically as users leave or join based on the rules you’ve set.

Create an Iterable Experience using Lytics Experiences

In Lytics, navigate to Experiences.

  1. Under "Create a new Experience" select Custom.
  2. Select Iterable from the provider list.
  3. Select the type of Experience to create, for example, a Triggered Email or Blast Email.
  4. In the target step, select the audience you create above.
  5. Choose an Iterable authorization. For more information of authorizing with Iterable, see our integration documentation.
  6. Configure the details of your Experience export. This step is similar to the export workflow for Iterable outside of Orchestrate.
  7. Configure Delivery Optimization: In order to get the best return, we recommend leveraging Lytics' proprietary decision intelligence to prevent over-messaging and focus on delivering the best possible message to each user when they actually need it most. Learn more about making decisions with Lytics data science.

Iterable Publish

After you click publish, you can log in to Iterable, assign the audience you just exported, and activate your campaign.

Note: Make sure you have webhooks turned on in Iterable to send data to Lytics. Once your campaign is active, Lytics will import and track your results from these webhooks.

Export an Audience to Iterable from the Integration

  1. Go to the audience you want to export to Iterable
  2. Select Export.
  3. Select the Iterable tile that says Export List.
  4. Configure your export as described in that documentation. You can map the fields from Lytics needed for your Iterable campaign.

Users should be available in the Iterable list within a few minutes of starting the export. Larger audiences may take a few hours to be completely added to the List. You can find the new list in Iterable under Users > Lists.

Iterable Lists


For more information on troubleshooting your export, be sure to review the Iterable integrations documentation. If issues persist, feel free to contact Lytics Support for further assistance in troubleshooting the integration.