Use Cases

Retarget Unsubscribed Users via Ads

Using display ads for remarketing can be an impactful way to reach customers who have previously interacted with your site. Additionally, creating remarketing campaigns specifically to customers who have unsubscribed from your email campaigns can be an effective way to re-engage them with a high match rate percentage in ad platforms.

Audience Segmentation in Lytics

Most email service providers Lytics integrates with provide an opt-in status for each email address, specific to lists or globally. Because these users have opt-ed out of email communication, you can segment these users and export them to ad activation tools like Facebook and Google Ads. Your audience will look something like the following including users with email addresses and who have opt-ed out of email communication: audience-email-opt-out

Export to Facebook Ads

For targeting on Facebook, export your unsubscribed list of customers as a Custom Audience for targeting. Within Lytics, configure your export settings to Facebook. Depending on the size of your audience, your Custom Audience in Facebook will be available shortly for use in ads campaigns.

Export to Google Ads

Similarly to the Facebook export, once you have Google Ads integrated with Lytics, you can export your list of unsubscribed users to Google Ads as a Customer Match List for ad targeting. These users can then be used in RLSA campaigns or other remarketing initiatives within Google Ads. To find your audience in Google Ads, navigate to Audiences within the Google Ads to locate your Lytics audience. From this screen you can add your Lytics audience to campaigns for targeting.