Use Cases

Promote Relevant Content to Users based on their Interests

Lytics audiences using content affinity in combination with Facebook custom audiences allows you to target known users with content based on topics they are interested in. You can use this to promote an upcoming event, product launch, or a new piece of content for your brand. You can also use the same Lytics content affinity audience with lookalike audiences to serve relevant content to new users.

Identify Key Topics

The Lytics content affinity engine builds a topic taxonomy from content on your website. Lytics will use this taxonomy and user activity data to determine a user's affinity for a topic. These content affinity scores are available in the audience builder, and will be core to building your target audience.

Select the piece of content you wish to promote. Then take take some time to familiarize yourself with the topics in your Lytics account and try to identify the Lytics topics that are relevant to your content. You may choose one or more of these topics to include when defining your audience. In addition, you can sort by the average level of affinity on the topic list view to ensure you are using a popular topic for targeting criteria.

lytics browse topics

Clicking on a topic displays a summary page which includes show a full distribution of user interest.

lytics topic summary

Build an Audience Using Content Affinity

Once you have identified the primary topics relevant to your content, it is time to build an audience of users who are interested in those topics.

  1. Navigate to the Audience section of your Lytics account.
  2. Click Create New Audience.
  3. In the Name your audience... text box, enter a descriptive title for your audience.
  4. In the audience builder under the Existing Audience section, search for and select the Email Capture Status: Known Email characteristic. This will ensure that only known users are included in your audience. This is necessary because when you upload to a Facebook custom audience, it is required that users have a hashed email identifier.


  5. Select Add New Rule Set.

  6. Toggle the logic operator joining these rulesets to And. You can read more about rules & rulesets here. known and ruleset

  7. In the new ruleset, select Content Affinity in the audience builder.

  8. Search for and select the first of the topics you identified in the previous step.
  9. Toggle the affinity level with the Target users with... options and/or the slider to your liking. audience builder content affinity

  10. Click Add Condition.

  11. If you do not want to add more users who are interested in additional topics, skip to step 15 to finalize your audience. Otherwise click Add New Rule in the second ruleset.
  12. Toggle the logic operator joining these rules to Or. This will ensure the audience includes known users who fit the affinity conditions of either topic. content affinity or rule

  13. In the new rule, select Content Affinity in the audience builder.

  14. Repeat steps 7-10 until your audience includes affinity rules for all of the topics you wish to include.

content affinity complex audience

  1. Verify that the user count of your audience looks correct. If you plan to use this as a source audience for a lookalike, Facebook expects anywhere from 1,000 to 50,000 users. For a simple retargetting, audience, you'll want to reach a broad number of users. You may adjust the sliders on your affinity rules accoringly.
  2. When you're finished with your audience, click Create.

Using your Lytics Audience in an Ad Campaign

To use your Lytics content affinity audience in Facebook lookalike ads campaign, Follow through with the steps below:

  1. Export to Facebook
  2. Create a Facebook Lookalike Audience
  3. Assign your Lookalike Audience to an Ad

To run a retargeting ad to the users in this audience:

  1. Export to Facebook as a custom audience.
  2. Create your ad following your normal process. If you are building an ad for the first time, follow the Facebook Ad creation guidelines.
  3. Select the custom audience created by the export during the audience set up process of ad creation.

content affinity ad