Use Cases

Incentivize Visitors to Make First Purchase

As marketers, you often need to incentivize customers to make a first purchase. Often times, an offer to a group of engaged users who have not made a purchase is exactly what’s required. The trouble is having the technology in place to serve a targeted offer on site. With Lytics, you do. Screenshot from 2019-04-22 11-56-20

Building the audience

Let’s take an example from our StartSmart program where we want to deliver a targeted offer to users with an email address, but who have not made a first purchase: Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 10.12.39 AM

Note that we have included anyone for whom we have an email address, but have excluded the StartSmart field for name or id of last product purchased. If you are not a StartSmart customer, you may have another field to determine whether or not a purchase transaction has taken place. For more details on building Lytics audiences, read our audiences documentation. Next, you will design a campaign using Lytics Personalize.

Build the campaign

To begin building a Lytics Personalize campaign, you will likely want to choose the Present a Message or Drive Traffic strategy to deliver this campaign. For complete steps on how to create a new campaign, read our campaign editor documentation. Be sure to have some enticing copy and creative assets planned out before you begin. You may customize the campaign with CSS or in the campaign editor with custom colors and images.

For custom campaigns or campaigns with CTA links (utilizing the Drive Traffic, don’t forget to include any UTM query parameters to track click-through events. If your campaign is part of the StartSmart campaign for reporting to work, you’ll need to pick one of the following for each of this list:

  • Engagement Channel - Personalize
  • UTM_Source - Lytics
  • UTM_Medium - Modal, Bar, Stick-Bar, Slide-out, Gate
  • UTM_Campaign - Lytics-StartSmart-Acquisition, Lytics-StartSmart-XSell, Lytics-StartSmart-Renew, Lytics-StartSmart-Monetize, Lytics-StartSmart-Engage
  • UTM_Content - (something you choose)

Screenshot from 2019-04-22 12-16-27

If you've built your campaign through Lytics Personalize, simply publish the campaign to launch. Lytics has some built-in reporting on campaigns for reach and conversions. For StartSmart customers who have implemented the UTM variables, additional reporting may be provided.