Use Cases

Deliver Targeted Content

Lytics makes it possible to recommend content to a user based on their affinity for certain types of content, linking them directly to the content they value, increasing engagement. Lytics content affinity engine automatically scans and categorizes the content that is associated with each page on your site producing a topic taxonomy. Users who visit each page are then mapped against that semantic understanding of your site’s content producing a user affinity score for each content topic within your site.

You can create a Recommend Content campaign by follow this tutorial but the keys to creating an effective recommend content campaign is building an audience and content collection.

Build a Content Affinity Audience

You can use the Content Affinity tab of the audience builder to build an audience of users who are show interest in a particular content topic. Then, that audience can be used to target users with the desired affinity in a personalize campaign.

  1. From your Lytics dashboard select Audience.
  2. Click Create New Audience.
  3. Select the Content Affinity tab.
  4. Select the topic you would like to target.
  5. High Affinity is selected by default. You can adjust the affinity score range to refine the users who will be targeted or select one of the predefined ranges.
  6. In the Name your audience... field, give your audience a descriptive name.
  7. Select Enable API Access.
  8. In the ID field, enter an audience ID.
  9. Click Save.

Audience with high affinity for articles about "data science" on

This audience can now be used in a Recommend Content (or any other) campaign to target users who have the desired level of affinity for your chosen topic. You can combine multiples rules and rulesets to create highly refined audiences. For example, you could target users who have affinity for multiple topics or filter users who do not have affinity for a different topic. You are also not limited to audiences based on content affinity, see the Audiences section for other options.

Content Collections

Content collections give you the ability to group content together that you can then recommend in your campaigns. Collections can be a group of articles related by topics, were recently published, written by the same author, hand picked by you, or a combination of any of these criteria. In addition these collections can be dynamic. Content in a dynamic collection will be added to or removed automatically when they match or fail to match your criteria. For more information on building collections see the Chose Content step.

Content collection grouping article related to "data science" on

Build Your Campaign

Next, you’ll need to navigate to Personalize in order to build a campaign using your content collection. Here, create a Campaign to “keep people on your site.” Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 8.20.55 AM

Select “Quick start your campaign”, and then choose the content collection you want to feature: Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 8.24.12 AM

Next, select whether you want this to be based on a user's interests ("Highest Affinity"), content or product freshness ("Recently Published"), or what a user has engaged with most recently ("Last Viewed"): recommendation-advanced-options

Don’t forget to give your campaign a name. See our campaign editor documentation for step-by-step instructions for building an campaign.