Understanding Lytics / Product Documentation / Account Management

Monitoring Lytics

Lytics provides a variety of ways of monitoring metrics to ensure availability.

Lytics exports metrics to your own tools allowing you to set up alerts, on-call rotations, quiet-hours, thresholds, and align with other data events in your systems.

  • Monitoring Workflows: Integrations with monitoring providers.
  • Metrics API: An extensive Metrics API
  • System Events These provide visibility into system changes such as creating segments, updating schema, deleting items, new authorizations added, and users added to roles. This is a wealth of audit data about changes in your account. These events are shown many different places inside Lytics, such as history of work sync events, status changes, failures of work due to expiring authorization, or password changes on source for OAuth tokens. See our System Events API documentation for more information.

List of metrics and events

  • Frequency Currently the metrics heartbeats are once per minute. See list of metrics below, some metrics are once per hour.
  • Availability of Metrics This system, along with all our export workflows, runs inside of our work runtime system in Kubernetes. During deploys or scaling events these processes can move between servers which can result in 1 or 2 minute gaps in metrics. Therefore alerts on single heartbeat misses are not recommended. Instead, look for a missing window of 5.
  • Heartbeats These are metrics have a value of 1 for "up & healthy" and 0 for "not healthy (or missing)".
monitoring_heartbeatThis is just a simple 1 (up) for each minute this workflow is running, indication of the overall integrations platform. See notes on availability above.
collection_countMetric for the count (gauge) for this 60 second window in total events ingressed (web collection or import workflows)
stream_countMetric PER stream for count of events seen this cycle. This metric is 1 per hour.
audit_eventThis is the full System Events audit log planned for inclusion for export soon
Coming SoonWe have several more (API Status Heartbeat, Backlog/Latency) coming soon, or via a request.