Understanding Lytics / Integrations


Export Lytics Segments to Snapchat Ads Custom Audiences to be more precise with your ad spend by targeting the right users with the right creative on the platform where everyone is spending time. By connecting Lytics to Snap, you can reach the right users and increase your Return on Ad Spend dramatically.


To set up and authorize the Lytics Snapchat integration, log into your Lytics account and click on the Data menu tab.

  1. Log into your Lytics account.

  2. Open the Snapchat integration or click Data > Integrations and select Snapchat from the integrations list.


  3. Select Authorizations.

  4. Click New authorization. Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 12.10.17


  5. Enter your Snapchat username and password and click Log in.

  6. After accepting, you'll be redirected back to Lytics. Enter a description for your authorization.


Export a Lytics segment to Snap Audience

Starting an export will create a Snap Audience by uploading a Lytics segment of users into Snap. Lytics can match on email address or mobile ad ID. After the initial load, the work will run continuously adding/removing users from the Snap Audience as users enter/leave the Lytics segment.

Configure Your Export

Now that the account is authorized, you can begin export of a Lytics segment to a Snap Audience Match (SAM) segment.

Once you select Export Segment you'll be presented with a few options to configure the export.


  • Segment: Lytics Segment to export
  • Organization: The Snapchat organization that has the Ads Account that you want to export to
  • Ad Account: Snapchat Ad Account where the Audience Match segment will be created
  • Snap Audience: Here you are given the option of selecting an existing Snap Audience to add users to, or you can type in a name to create a new Snap Audience for the users to be exported to in Snap
  • Email Field: Field in Lytics that contains the user's email. Usually just leave as the default Email
  • SHA256 Email Field: If your account has SHA256 emails instead of plain text emails, select the user field that contains the email hash
  • Mobile Ad ID Field: If your account has mobile device Ad Identifier, Google Advertising ID (AAID) for Android or Identifier for Advertising (IDFA) for iOS devices, select the field that contains the ID
  • Existing Users: This box is pre-checked. Uncheck this box only if you want to export users that are added to the Lytics segment from now moving forward

Once the configuration is set, hit Start Export to kick off the export.

The Audience should be immediately visible in Snap Audience list but will be marked as Not Ready. The audience will go into Ready state once all the emails are processed and matched, depending on the size of the list, this can take up to a few hours.

This export will run continuously. As users enter or exit the Lytics segment, they will be added or removed from the Snapchat Audience. Now you are ready to run your Snap advertising campaigns against these audiences.