Understanding Lytics / Integrations


OneSignal provides a simple interface to push notifications and email, letting content creators focus on quality user engagement instead of complex implementation.

Before You Begin

You will need your OneSignal User Auth Key. See OneSignal's Account and Keys documentation for instructions on obtaining your key.


  1. In Lytics, navigate to the OneSignal integration in the Integrations section.


  2. Click either Export Audiences or Import Audiences to begin the authorization process.

  3. Click Add new authorization.


  4. In the User Auth Key field, enter your User Auth Key.
  5. In the Description field, enter a description of your authorization.
  6. Click Authorize.


Importing data to Lytics

FrequencyOne-time only / Daily
User fieldsid, identifier, session_count, language, timezone, game_version, device_os, device_type, device_model, ad_id, tags, last_active, playtime, amount_spent, created_at, invalid_identifier, badge_count, lat, lon, country, rooted

Import your users from OneSignal.

  1. Click Import Users. onesignal-import

  2. Click Select next to the authorization you would like to use. onesignal-select-auth

  3. Select the OneSignal apps to import the users from. Apps in the right column will be imported. onesignal-impor-config

  4. By default the import will run every 24 hours, to run the import once unselect Continuous Update.

  5. Click Start Import.

Export Audiences to OneSignal

Exports toUser's tag
NameLytics audience name as tag value
IdentifiersOneSignal ID
Audience Exportsyes
Typeadds and removals

This export will send audience membership data to OneSignal as tags, which are used to create segments in OneSignal. For more information about tags see the OneSignal Using Data Tags documentation.

The only identifier accepted by OneSignal for export is the OneSignal ID, which will be selected in the configuration form by default, if OneSignal data was already imported.

  1. Click on Export Audience. onesignal-export-audiences

  2. Click Select next to the authorization you would like to use. onesignal-select-auth

  3. Use the Audiences input to select the Lytics segments to export. Audiences in the right column will be exported to OneSignal. onesignal-export-config

  4. By default the users who already members of the selected audience will be exported. If you would like to only export new users who join the segment unselect Existing Users.

  5. Click Start Export.