Understanding Lytics / Integrations


This article covers:


  1. Navigate to the Mapp app in the Integrations section of Lytics. Mapp tile

  2. Navigate to the Authorizations section. Authorizations section

  3. Click the New authorization button. Mapp new authorization

  4. Authorize Mapp by configuring the credentials for an SFTP server. Mapp authorization details

    • Host - address of SFTP server for external access
    • Port - SFTP port, default 22
    • Username - user name used to log into server
    • Password - password used to log into server
    • Folder - path where in the SFTP server where files will be placed
    • Description - sentence describing authorization

Export an audience to a Mapp list

FrequencyDaily at specified time or one-time only
Exports toSFTP server with header in a format readable by Mapp
Nameexport-lytics-{audience name}-{timestamp}.csv
Identifiersemail, or another identifier provided
Mapped Fieldsyes, it's necessary to map the exported fields*
Segment Exportsall segments
Typeadd, no removal

*The field user.CustomAttribute.SegmentMembership doesn't need to be mapped, since it will be included by default

Mapp has specific header names for the CSVs, so there must be a map associating Lytics field to Mapp field names, as shown by the image bellow:

export setup

  • Segment defines which segment will be exported
  • Fields Mapping maps Lytics field names to the ones accepted by Mapp
  • Under Advanced Options
    • Keep Updated default marked to run everyday
    • Time of Day hour of the day the exports will happen in a daily basis, default Midnight
    • Timezone defines in which timezone Time of Day will run, default UTC.

Under Advanced Options is possible to set if it is a daily export or not, the hour for the daily run with updates for the segments, and timezone.

Once the mapping is done the export can be started hitting Start Export. The time necessary to export an audience grows with its scale. An audience with 150,000 users should take about 10 minutes to be exported, another audience 10x bigger should be exported after ~1 hour.