Understanding Lytics / Integrations

How to Export a Segment to a List in Lyris

  1. Navigate to the Lyris integration in the Integrations section of the Lytics. app

  2. Select Connect and complete the required fields to connect Lyris to Lytics. authorize You can find these credentials in the Lyris admin by following the instructions below:

    • API Password: The API password can be set in the Lyris admin by navigating to Setting -> Organizations (select your organization) -> List Settings. Click Edit Settings and in the list drop-down select the List Name you want. Select the API Security tab and then select the Password required for API access. Enter a password that you would like and click Save.
    • Site ID: The Site ID can be found in the Lyris admin by navigating to Setting -> Organizations (select your organization). The Site ID is displayed at the bottom of the Organization Details section.
    • Elab ID: The server farm name (aka Elab ID) is the part of your EmailLabs login URL that begins with elabs. For example, if you log into http://www.elabs7.com/, the Elab ID is 7. Select Launch EmailLabs at the bottom of the navigation on the left side of the dashboard to see your EmailLabs URL.
  3. Select Export List under Actions. export

  4. Complete the required fields:

    • Email Address: Enter the email address that will receive a notification from Lyris when the export completes.
    • Lyris List: Select the list that that you would like to be populated within Lyris during the export.
    • Segment: Choose the Lytics segment that contains the users you would like export.
    • Email Field: Select the field name that contains the user’s email. (e.g. Email)

    Click “SAVE” to complete the export.

  5. Open the admin section of Lyris and select “Contacts” in the navigation along the left side. contacts

  6. Select the “Segment” drop-down and you will see all of the audiences that you have exported from Lytics into Lyris. All segments exported from Lytics will be labeled. You can now create targeted email campaigns for these segments. segment

How to Import Lyris Subscribers into Lytics

  1. If you have not previously connected Lyris to Lytics, follow steps 1 and 2 above on "How to Export an Audience to a List in Lyris".

  2. Select Import List under Actions. import

  3. Select Save to import all of your subscribers from Lyris into Lytics. They will be continuously synced going forward and updated every 24 hours.