Understanding Lytics / Integrations


This article covers:

Before You Begin

You will need your dotmailer API Username and password (see the Dotmailer API Docs for instructions on creating an API user).


  1. Navigate to the dotmailer integration in the Integrations section of Lytics.


  2. To begin the authorization process click either Export Contacts or Import Contacts & Activity.

  3. Click Add new authorization. NOTE: You will only do this once.

  4. In the API Username field, enter your Dotmailer API username.

  5. In the API Password field, enter your Dotmailer API password.

  6. In the Description box, enter a name for your authorization.

  7. Click Authorize. Your credentials are now stored securely and are available for quick use when starting new dotmailer works.


Export to Dotmailer

Export a Lytics Audience to a Dotmailer Address Book. Note: Dotmailer is limited to 2000 API calls per hour (less than 1 call/second) some export options will significantly impact API usage.

Exports toAddress Book
NameLytics + segment name or custom name
Mapped Fieldsno
Segment Exportsnone
Typeadd, remove, unsubscribe
  1. Connect Lytics to dotmailer if you have not previously done so. See Authentication.

  2. Select Export Contacts.


  3. From the Audience dropdown, select the Lytics Audience to export
  4. From the Email Field dropdown, select the Lytics user field that contains the email to export.
  5. (Optional) From the ID Field drop-down, select the Lytics user field that contains the the dotmailer ID to export. If not included ID Field will default to dotmailer Contact ID (dm_contact_id).
  6. Click the Show Advanced Options button to see additional configuration options.
  7. (Optional) From the Address Book Status Field drop-down, select the user field that contains the user's dotmailer status by dotmailer account ID and address-book ID. This field must be a map using the dotmailer account ID underscore the address book ID as the key and a value of "syncing" for the address books that should be updated (ex: "24114_1324:syncing"). The status will be updated to reflect the contact's status.

    NOTE: If this is selected, the Address book Name text field and the Create Address Book checkbox will be ignored.

  8. (Optional) From the Address Book Name text field, enter a name for the Address Book, or select one from the list. If left blank, Address Book Name will default to Lytics + audience name.
  9. (Optional) If the Create Address Book checkbox is selected, the export will create the address book if it does not already exist.
  10. (Optional) From the Opt-in Type dropdown, select the opt-in type for this contact. See the dotmailer documentation for details on the different options. If not set, Opt-In Type will default to Unknown.
  11. (Optional) From the Email Type dropdown, select the type of emails to send to these contacts. If not set, Email Type will default to Html.
  12. (Optional) Use the Map Fields input to map Lytics fields on the left to dotmailer data-fields on the right. If not set, only Email, Opt-in type and Email type will be set in dotmailer. NOTE: Complex fields sutch as arrays and maps are not supported by dotmailer and will be dropped.
  13. (Optional) Select the Unsubscribe on exit checkbox to unsubscribe contacts when they leave the audience. Contacts are not resubscribed when they reenter the audience. Default behavior is to remove contacts from the list when they exit the audience. NOTE: Selecting this option will significantly increase dotmailer API usage.
  14. (Optional) Select the Trigger Join Actions checkbox to trigger join actions in dotmailer. Default behavior does not trigger join actions in dotmailer. NOTE: Selecting this option will significantly increase dotmailer API usage.
  15. (Optional) Select the Resubscribe checkbox to resubscribe users to address-books.
  16. Click Start Export. Contacts should be available in the dotmailer Address Book within a few minutes of starting the work. Larger audiences may take a few hours to be completely added to the Address Book.

Import Contacts and Activity

Import all contacts and email activity data.

Streamsdotmailer_contacts, dotmailer_activity
User fieldsemail, first_name, last_name, email type, email opt-in, custom fields
Provider fieldscontact ID
User activitysends, opens, clicks
Campaign contentno
Click URL paramnone
  1. Connect Lytics to Dotmailer if you have not previously done so. See Authentication above

  2. Select Import Contacts & Activity.


  3. If Keep Updated is selected, Lytics will continually import contact and activity data.

  4. Click Start Import. Contact data should be available in the account within an hour.