Build Customer Journeys

Streamline your cross-channel marketing efforts using Lytics to create customer journeys that serve individuals at scale and achieve your company goals.

Build cross-channel customer Journeys with Lytics.

Deliver the next best experience automatically and at scale

Despite the abundance of tools that promise automation, marketers still get bogged down in complex logic while building customer journeys. Rather than relying on heuristics and manual rules, let Lytics decide which Experience is most relevant for a customer at any given time. The easy-to-use Journey Canvas provides visibility into your campaign performance across channels and simplifies your marketing team's workflow, allowing you to organize and optimize customer journeys all in one place.

Lytics Journey Canvas allows you to create personalized customer Journeys based on Stages that align with your business goals.

Automation made attainable

Orchestration removes the guesswork and handles difficult logic for you to ensure each customer receives the next best Experience. With intelligent filters and exclusion rules built into the Journey Canvas, Lytics helps prevent over-messaging.

Streamlined channel coordination

Gain a shared understanding of your customers across your organization. With Lytics as your marketing hub, you can deliver a cohesive customer experience across channels, know what’s working, and quickly iterate for better results.

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Intelligence-driven personalization

Leverage built-in machine learning and data science to deliver one-to-one personalization. Lytics determines the optimal message and timeframe to reach individuals based on their previous engagement with your brand.

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Real-time activation

Lytics automatically updates audiences and triggers downstream actions based on the real-time flow of users. Once someone converts on a Stage, they'll be eligible to receive new Experiences that move them towards the goal of the Journey.


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