Discover Customer Insights

Understand which data is valuable, who to target, and how to build campaigns that resonate with your customers, increase their lifetime value, and drive your business outcomes.

Lytics Insights enable you to leverage customer data to achieve your business goals.

Transform your customer data into better marketing decisions

Analytics tools contain valuable data, but they require additional knowledge to interpret and take action on. Lytics removes this barrier by evaluating your customer interactions, behaviors, and preferences using machine learning and data science, and providing actionable Insights that enable better results in less time - higher conversions, lower costs, and improved engagement.

Lytics transforms customer data into actionable Insights.

Take action on your data

Insights surface meaningful data along with recommended next steps. By understanding how users interact with your brand at a granular level,  you can iterate and deliver better Experiences.

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Behavior-based targeting

Lytics summarizes user activity across touchpoints into six scores using data science. Apply these scores immediately with out-of-the-box audiences such as “highly engaged users” or use them as building blocks for custom audiences.

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Deliver personalized content

Understand what your customers care about, so you can reach them with relevant Experiences. Lytics Content Affinity Engine determines individual topic affinities for every user, allowing you to target highly-specific audiences based on their interests.

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Optimize conversion rates

Lytics identifies users likely to convert or regress using predictive models. By comparing profiles, content affinities, and campaigns between your source and target audiences, you can improve results and maximize your marketing budget.

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Learn more about gaining actionable Insights with Lytics.

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Insights Introduction

Lytics Insights provide visibility into how your audiences and campaigns are performing to enable better decisions during your campaign planning process.

Use Case

Optimize Remarketing Spend

Use Lytics data science scores to build an effective remarketing audience to export to your ad tools.


Winback / Renew

Acquire Customers

Cross-sell / Up-sell

Use Case

Promote Relevant Content to Users based on their Interests

Build an audience in Lytics based on users’ interests and push it to Facebook for use in your ad campaigns.


Winback / Renew

Cross-sell / Up-sell

Engage Your Visitors

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Lookalike Models Overview

Lytics Lookalike Models enable you to discover users who are similar to your best customers and create Predictive Audiences based on your model scores, driving conversions and increasing engagement across your channels.

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Behavioral Audiences

Lytics generates out-of-the-box audiences with data science scores and content affinity scores. You can also create custom audiences with these scores.


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