Product Updates / Tuesday, February 4, 2020

What's new with JavaScript Tag 3?

To provide more control and capabilities for our clients, we have launched a new version (3.0) of our JavaScript Tag. The new tag was beta tested in 2019, and is now available for all our clients via the Lytics UI. A few benefits of the new Lytics Tag to highlight are:

  • Improved security and reliability: Version 3 has no external dependencies. This means you don’t have to worry about the Lytics Tag being impacted by changes to browser and cookie tracking policies, among other advantages.
  • Expanded configurations and testing: Granular options allow more customization for your use cases and have enabled more efficient diagnostics and debugging.
  • Future-proof architecture: Modular plugins allow Lytics to rapidly add new capabilities and advanced customers to build custom, browser-based integrations.

If your existing account uses version 2 of the Lytics Tag, please ask your Account Manager about migrating. Version 3 was built to be backwards compatible, so the vast majority of version 2 implementations will continue working in version 3 with minimal changes.

Find out more about version 3 improvements, migrating, and using the Lytics Tag.