Product Updates / Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Streamlining Jobs Management

We’ve made a series of improvements to the integrations section of Lytics, and are pleased to release a new step-by-step flow for creating, editing, and duplicating jobs. This latest release brings all the changes together to simplify and enhance the process of importing, exporting, and enriching your data through Lytics.


In addition to the new job flow itself, all accounts now have access to the following capabilities:

  • Create a new authorization inline of the job creation flow.
  • Change the authorization associated with a job.
  • A new health indicator for authorizations, enabling you to proactively resolve connection issues that may impact your running jobs.
  • Improved filters to select a provider, making it easier to focus on the task at hand.

As a reminder, you can now edit the name and description for both jobs and authorizations to keep your account organized. For a refresher of the previous releases, check out the highlights on our upgrade to authorizations and the four new views within the Data tab that provide better visibility and access to manage your data flowing between Lytics and your connected integrations.