Product Updates / Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Security Update for Integrations using Lytics IP Address

Currently for some integrations, third parties are relying on source IP addresses of Lytics egress network traffic. For improved security, maintainability, and reliability, we are replacing the mechanism responsible for routing this traffic. After this replacement, the single IP address previously used will be deprecated, and eight new IP addresses will be used instead.

Which integrations are affected?

Depending on your account's configuration, the following integrations may rely on source IP addresses as part of your authorization to Lytics:

What changes do I need to make?

If your account uses any of the providers mentioned above, log into the administrative control panel of that integration and follow these steps:

  1. Find the IP address anywhere in any access control settings.
  2. Add the eight new IP addresses provided by your Lytics Account Manager.
  3. In three months, you may optionally remove the old IP address.

Please update your integrations that rely on IP addresses by January 31, 2021. Since IP addresses cannot be kept static forever, this list may change in the future and new ones may be added. For more information about this update, reach out to your Account Manager.