Product Updates / Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Personalize Content with Contentful

Lytics now integrates with Contentful to support a new way of creating and delivering personalized content. Author your campaign content in Contentful and let Lytics act as the decisioning layer to provide the best content for an individual user.

As our first integration with a CMS, this unlocks a new workflow for campaigns:

  1. Authoring - Write your campaign content in Contentful and use the Lytics integration to import entries.
  2. Decisioning - Determine which content to serve users at the time they are most likely to respond based on their behavior.
  3. Templating - Send user data and personalized content to your downstream marketing tools such as SendGrid to create templates and deliver your campaigns.

Lytics Content Workflow

Lytics will automatically index your imported Contentful entries and extract topics, just like content collected through our crawler. You can then easily build content collections and surface recommendations that are powered by Lytics data science.

For more information on how to set up this integration, see our Contentful documentation.