Product Updates / Wednesday, October 27, 2021

New Integrations are Live!

Cloud Connect Support for Amazon Redshift and Microsoft Azure

When Cloud Connect Beta went live, data warehouse connections were available with Snowflake and Google BigQuery. We’re excited to announce that we’ve rounded out the data warehouse connection offering with support for Amazon Redshift and Microsoft Azure. Both are available in Cloud Connect and support the same SQL-based audience creation that exists today.

UID 2.0 Enrichment

We’ve made a few important changes to our UID 2.0 integration. Unified ID 2.0 is an identifier created using a user's PII like email. Unified ID 2.0 provides advertisers and publishers a new privacy-conscious targeting ID and is supported by TheTradeDesk.

The UID 2.0 integration was previously housed under our TheTradeDesk tile but has now moved to its own tile and includes its own documentation. The existing enrichment integration is available through that tile with no changes to functionality.

Export to TheTradeDesk

In addition to the UID 2.0 changes mentioned above, support is now live for delivery of UID 2.0 in our existing TheTradeDesk Audience Export integration. See step 13 in the Configuration section of the export documentation linked above for more details.

Mapp Experience Import

In addition to exporting audiences from Mapp, you can now import Experiences and leverage our Goals Canvas with Mapp campaigns as the touchpoint. Mapp is an omni-channel marketing tool for automated messaging via email, social, web, and mobile.

Google Cloud Storage: Import Files

To expand our Google Cloud Storage integration we added Import Files. This integration allows you to import user activity and profile files from Google Cloud Storage into Lytics. Google Cloud Storage is a secure, scalable, and durable object storage service provided as part of the Google Cloud Platform.