Product Updates / Thursday, October 1, 2020

New data science tools at your fingertips

You now have access to a whole new toolkit of data science features in the Lytics UI. With the launch of Lytics Lookalike Models and Predictive Audiences, we are thrilled to introduce a new section called the Laboratory, which will serve as a hub for your marketing team to get hands-on with data science.

Lookalike Models have replaced the feature formerly known as “SegmentML”, coming with significant improvements to the visibility and usability of your custom machine learning models. Lytics models provide real-time predictions, updating user scores for dynamic and effective targeting that can be leveraged at any stage of the funnel.


Additionally, we added a new dashboard for Content Classification that gives you a holistic view of how your content is being scraped and indexed by the Lytics Content Affinity Engine. This enables you to ensure the right content is being classified, so you can ultimately deliver personalized content and product recommendations.

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