Product Updates / Wednesday, June 3, 2020

New connections to Google Ads and Taboola

We’ve streamlined your ability to connect to one of the largest ad networks by releasing a native integration with Google Ads in the Lytics Journey Canvas. This enables you to easily import Google AdGroups that can be run as stand-alone or cross-channel campaigns. Optimize your ad spend by refining who you target and when using behavioral audiences and Delivery Optimization powered by Lytics data science.


Additionally, we’ve added a new connection to Taboola, a discovery and native advertising platform, so you can export Lytics audiences to engage relevant users with your Taboola ads. With these new integrations, you can leverage Lytics to improve your targeting across different online advertising platforms including Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Taboola.

Learn more about connecting your Lytics account to Google Ads and Taboola.