Product Updates / Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Focus on what matters: Marketing Goals

Based on customer feedback, and the future direction we envision for our platform, the feature that was formerly known as Journeys is now Goals. We’ve updated our core app navigation for a more intuitive experience and to better convey the value Lytics provides to your organization.

If you're familiar with the Lytics Canvas, the functionality within the Goals section remains the same as the previously named "Journeys" section. What's more, we're rolling out the new Goal Intelligence Reports to existing accounts, offering additional insights and recommendations around your primary marketing goals, such as increasing conversions.


Lytics Goals serve as a foundation for all your marketing strategies and tactics. Our approach focuses on creating relevant customer experiences that allow users to take any path to engage with your brand and convert. This fundamentally differs from "journey builder" tools that require you to define sequenced paths for users (such as drip campaigns), which rely on heuristics rather than real-time user behavior.

If you'd like more information on how to best leverage Lytics to achieve your business objectives, please reach out to your Account Manager.