Product Updates / Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Create Brand-Specific Affinities

Lytics is introducing Affinities to help you better manage and leverage the Topics in your account. With this release, you can now create an Affinity to group related Topics into a targetable unit. This enables your marketing team to curate brand-specific Affinities that are reusable across campaigns and use cases.


Using the Affinity Builder, you get to hand pick the Topics that are relevant for a particular audience or campaign. There are no Topic limits, so you no longer have to manually allow or block certain Topics to make them accessible via the UI. Affinities make it easier to create audiences that target users with specific interest groups, and they speed up your process when building Collections based on several Topics for content and product recommendations.

For more information, see the Affinities documentation and the Lytics Academy course (note to Lytics Partners: access here). If you haven't checked out our Academy yet, register today to access 40+ on-demand training videos and interactive courses.