Product Updates / Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Announcing New Integrations

Today we're excited to announce new integrations with BigCommerce, TikTok, and Redshift, as well as a few enhancements to integrations with Azure and Shopify.

BigCommerce Import

Introducing a new BigCommerce integration, which allows you to import customer, order, and product data into Lytics to run segmented marketing campaigns and offer relevant recommendations for your BigCommerce customers.

TikTok Customer Match

The new TikTok integration enables you to export Lytics audiences enriched with behavioral scores, affinities, and cross-channel data to more effectively target users via TikTok ad exchange.

Amazon Redshift Import

Using the new Amazon Redshift Table Import, you can import data directly from your AWS Redshift database into Lytics to create new user profiles or update fields on existing profiles.

Microsoft Azure: New SQL Import and Event Export

With the new SQL Table Import you can easily import full tables of audience and activity data to leverage Lytics' segmentation and insights.

With the Event Export, you can export events into Azure Blob Storage to access, archive, or run analysis on Lytics events in the Azure ecosystem.

Shopify Audience & Activity Import

Expanding the Shopify integration, you can now Import Audience & Activity Data in addition to product data. Additionally, you can import customer metadata fields associated with each Shopify user to create more personalized offers.