Product Updates / Monday, December 21, 2020

Announcing New Behavioral Scores

We’re pleased to announce new behavioral scores powered by Lytics data science have been added to all accounts. These new scores enable better Lookalike Model performance by providing more nuanced and robust ways to capture user behavior patterns. When leveraging these scores, you may experience up to a 10% improvement in model accuracy.

  • Consistency measures the regularity of a user's engagement pattern.
    • Example: Does a user visit every day? Every week? Twice a year?
  • Volatility measures how sporadic a user's behavior is while interacting with your brand.
    • Example: Do users deeply engage with your website and then suddenly drop off?
  • Maturity measures how long a user has registered interactions with your brand.
    • Example: How many customers have had an active subscription for over 2 years?

Lytics new behavioral scores 1220

You can check out a visualization of the new scores by logging into your Lytics account and viewing the Scoring page. The new scores are also available on user profiles, but note that it may take time to populate with enough behavioral data.

Learn more about Lytics Behavioral Scores and how to apply Lookalike Models to your marketing use cases across the customer lifecycle.