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Yahoo: Export Audience

Starting an export will create a Custom Audience by uploading a Lytics audience into Yahoo Gemini. Lytics can match email addresses. After the initial export (details below), the sync will run continuously, adding users into the Custom Audience as users enter the Lytics audience. The Yahoo API currently doesn't support removals from custom audiences.

Integration Details

This integration uses the custom audience API in Yahoo

  1. A new customer list audience is created in Yahoo
  2. As a user enters the selected Lytics audience the user's email is sent to Yahoo


By default, Lytics exports the following fields to Yahoo Gemini Custom Audience. The name of the audience in Yahoo will be a name defined by you or the default Lytics + audience name

Lytics User FieldDescriptionYahoo FieldType
emailEmail AddressEmailstring


Follow these steps to set up and configure an export of yahoo in the Lytics platform.

  1. In Yahoo Advertiser Account ID input, select the Yahoo Ads account where the Custom Audience will be created
  2. From the Audience input, choose the Lytics audience to export to Yahoo
  3. From the Email Field input, select the field that contains the user email
  4. Click on the Show Advanced Options tab to expand the advanced configuration
  5. If your Lytics account uses SHA256 hashed emails, in the SHA256 Email input, select the field that contains the SHA256 hash of the user email instead of the Email Field above
  6. In Audience Name add a name if you would like to override the default naming of the audience, "Lytics _Audience Name"
  7. Also optionally add a Audience Description to help identify the audience in Yahoo
  8. Click "Start Export" to start he export


Using Custom Audiences in campaigns

Within a few minutes the exported audience from Lytics should be visible in the Yahoo Gemini dashboard. The full synchronizing time depends on the size of the exported audience, and will usually take 24 hours to see the audience count updated to reflect the full export.