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Yahoo Ads

Export Lytics Segments to Yahoo Ads Custom Audiences to be more precise with your ad spend by targeting the right users. By connecting Lytics to Yahoo, you can increase your return on ad spend dramatically.

Getting Started

To set up and authorize the Lytics Yahoo integration, log into your Lytics account and click on the Data menu tab.

  1. Navigate to the Yahoo integration in the Integrations section.


  1. Select Authorizations.
  2. Click New Authorization.

  3. Log in to Yahoo Ads to authorize the API integration.


  4. After agreeing, you will be redirected back to Lytics.

  5. Enter a description for the authorization.
  6. Click Authorize.


Export a Lytics segment to Yahoo Ads

Exports toGemini Custom Audience
NameName defined by user or Lytics + segment name
Mapped Fieldsit's necessary to define which field represents the emails addresses
Typeadd, no removal

Starting an export will create a Custom Audience by uploading a Lytics segment into Yahoo Ads. Lytics can match email addresses. After the initial export (details below), the sync will run continuously, adding users into the Custom Audience as users enter the Lytics segment. The Yahoo API currently doesn't support removals from custom audiences.

Configure Your Export

Now that you added your Yahoo Ads account to Lytics, you can begin the export of a Lytics segment of users to a Yahoo Custom Audience.

You'll be presented with a few options to configure the export.

  • Advertiser Account ID: Yahoo Ads account where the Custom Audience will be created
  • Audience: Lytics Segment to export
  • Email Field: Field in Lytics that contains the user's email. The default value is set to Email

In the Advanced Options area it is possible to define:

  • Audience Name: Name to be used for the audience in Yahoo. If none is defined, the Custom Audience will be named as Lytics_ + Segment Name
  • Audience Description: Description to be used for the audience in Yahoo. If none is defined, the Custom Audience will have an empty description


Using Custom Audiences in campaigns

After some time synchronizing, the exported segments from Lytics will be visible in the Yahoo Gemini dashboard. The syncronizing time depends on how big is the segment exported, usually it takes 24 hours to see the user's count updated.