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Watson Campaign Automation (Silverpop)

Connect Watson Campaign Automation to Lytics to import user and email activity data from Watson Campaign Automation, and export Lytics Segments to Watson to create targeted email audiences.

This article covers:


  1. Navigate to the Silverpop tile in the Integrations section of Lytics.


  2. Select Add Account > Full Auth. To authorize Watson Campaign Automation you need the following:

    • Client ID/Secret
    • Pod
    • Refresh Token
    • SFTP Username/Password
  3. To create your Client ID and Secret in Watson Campaign Automation, go to Settings > Organization Settings > Application Account Settings. Click Add Application and name your application Lytics Integration.

    Watson Campaign Automation Add Application Popup

  4. The pod number is the digit in the url of your Watson Campaign Automation instance. For example: If your url is, enter 2 as the pod number.

  5. To generate a Refresh token, go to Settings > Organization Settings > Application Account Access. Click Add Account Access, then select Lytics integration from the Application dropdown and click Add. The user account will receive an email with the new refresh token.

    Watson Campaign Automation Add Account Access Popup

  6. The SFTP username/password is the username/password for a Watson Campaign Automation user. You can use your own credentials here, or create a new user for this integration.

  7. It is recommend to create a new user specific for Lytics with Do not enforce password expiration policies for this user. checked so the authentication is long lasting, and can be revoked on an account by account basis. You can create a new user by going to Settings > User Accounts > Create User Account.

Import Contacts and Activity from Watson Campaign Automation

Import contact details and email activity from Watson Campaign Automation

FrequencyEvery 4 hours
Streamssilverpop_users, silverpop_activity
User fieldsemail, first_name, last_name, all custom fields
Provider fieldsEncoded Recipient ID
User activitysends, opens, clicks
Campaign contentno
Click URL paramEncoded Recipient ID
  1. Connect Lytics to Watson Campaign Automation if you have not previously done so. See Authentication above.
  2. Select Import Users & Activity


  3. Configure the integration options:

    • Type: select the Watson Campaign Automation data source type, Database, List, or Query
    • Source: a list of data sources that match the data type are queried from Watson Campaign Automation. Select the individual data source to pull contact and activity data from
    • Keep Updated: check this to continually import contact and activity data
    • Activity Start (Optional): select a date to retrieve activity data from. The max and default, is 1 year of backfill email activity from today


Once configured click Start Import to initiate the import. The import runs continuously every 4 hours to pull in new activity data and contacts that have been updated since the last import. On the first import, data should be available in the data streams within a hour of starting the import.

Export to Watson Campaign Automation

Exports toDatabase
Namelytics_ + segment name or custom field in Watson Campaign Automation
Identifiersemail, recipient_id, custom
Mapped Fieldsyes, any scalar field
Segment Exportsyes
Typeadd or update
  1. Connect Lytics to Watson Campaign Automation if you have not previously done so. See Authentication above.
  2. Select Export Users


  3. Configure the work

    • Silverpop Database: select the database to write contacts to
    • Segments: select the Lytics segments to export. As users enter and exit the selected segments, an update will be sent to Silverpop.
    • Sync Fields: map the Lytics user fields that corresponds to the Silverpop identifying user fields. These fields will be used to either match with existing users in Silverpop, or create new keys in Silverpop.
    • Additional Map Fields: map additional Lytics user fields to Silverpop contact fields.
    • Create New Contacts: Check this to create new contacts if they don't already exist in the Silverpop database
    • Update Contacts: Check this to update existing contact fields in the database. One of or both Create New Contacts and Update Contacts must be checked
    • Custom Fields: Select the Lytics fields to send as custom contact fields. The fields will be named lytics_ + the field name in Lytics e.g. exporting avatar will result in lytics_avatar
    • Single Segment Field: By default a Yes/No column is created within Silverpop for each exported Lytics segment. Selecting a Single Segment Field exports segment membership to a single contact field in Silverpop. Lytics sends a comma-separated list of segment names to Silverpop. On the contact in Silverpop the segment names are displayed in a multi-value field.
    • Keep Updated: check this to continually export. By default export will run every hour
    • Time of Day: if only one export per day is desired, select a time of day for that export here
    • Timezone: timezone of the daily export.


Once configured click Start Export to initiate the export. This export runs continuously, sending segment member data every hour, or if Time of Day is selected, once a day at the specified time. Lytics data should be visible in the Watson Campaign Automation UI in approximately an hour. Navigate to Data > Database and select the database that was exported to look for updated contacts.