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The Trade Desk: Export Audiences

Export your Lytics audiences to The Trade Desk for use in your advertising campaigns.

Integration Details

This integration utilizes The Trade Desk API to send Lytics audiences. Once initiated, the workflow will proceed as follows.

  1. Run a one-time backfill (if configured to do so).
  2. Receive real-time updates when a user enters or exits the selected audience(s).
  3. For each export (whether the user is being added as part of the backfill or they are entering/ exiting the audience in real-time), it will send that user information to the specific Advertiser whose information is provided during the configuration.


Follow these steps to set up and configure an audience export to The Trade Desk from Lytics.

  1. Navigate to the Integrations page and select The Trade Desk. thetradedesk-int-tile.png
  2. Select Workflows from the menu on the left.
  3. Select New Workflow and then Export Audiences.
  4. Select the authorization you would like to use.
  5. Using the Lytics Audiences input, select which Lytics audience(s) to export to The Trade Desk. Audiences in the right column will be exported
  6. Provide the AdvertiserID from The Trade Desk that will use the exported audiences.
  7. From the Data Center dropdown menu, select the Data Center closest to the users the audience contains.
  8. From the The Trade Desk Identifier Field dropdown menu, select the field that contains The Trade Desk ID for the user.
  9. Enter a Time to Live value to determine how many days the user exported will remain active for targeting. The maximum is 30 days.
  10. (Optional) Select the Existing Users checkbox to enable a backfill of current members of the audience(s) to The Trade Desk immediately.
  11. Click Start Export to begin the workflow. ttd export configuration