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The Trade Desk Experiences

Lytics Experiences support The Trade Desk Ad Groups that can be used to assemble targeting specifics and strategies. Using the Lytics Canvas, you can activate Ad Groups in The Trade Desk with Lytics audiences to engage users and drive conversions.

Experience Import

Like all Experience enabled providers, you can import Experiences from The Trade Desk to Lytics. During the import process, you will be asked to select an authorization. Read The Trade Desk authorization documentation for more information.

Before you can import, you will need to select the Advertiser that owns the Ad Groups you wish to import. The Advertisers accessible to the authorization you selected will be displayed in the drop down menu below. ttd advertiser id dropdown

Once you've selected an Advertiser, you can import eligible Ad Groups as Lytics Experiences. Screenshot (3)


On import, tactics are included in the label for the experience in Lytics. Lytics determines an Ad Group's tactic via the AdGroup.RTBAttributes.ROIGoal field from The Trade Desk API.

The Trade Desk Experiences in Lytics support the following tactics:

  • Maximize Reach - Reach as many users as possible.
  • Maximize Lifetime Value - Reach as many users as possible beyond users already reached on Linear TV.
  • Cost Per Click - Optimize Cost Per Click (in the Advertiser currency)
  • Click Through Rate - Optimize Click Through Rate (in percent)
  • Nielson On Target - Optimize Nielsen On Target Percentage (in percent)
  • Cost Per Acquisition - Optimize Cost Per Acquisition (in the Advertiser currency)
  • Maximize Conversion Revenue - Maximize Ad Group Conversion Revenue
  • Return on Ad Spend - Optimize Return on Ad spend (in percent of ad spend)
  • Video Completion Rate - Optimize Video Completion Rate (in percent)
  • Viewability - Optimize Viewability (in percent)
  • Estimated Viewable Cost - Optimize the Estimated Viewable Cost Per Mille (thousand) (in the Advertiser currency)
  • Gross Rating Point - Gross Rating Point on target percentage
  • Cost Per Completed - Optimize Cost Per Completed (in the advertiser currency)


After importing a The Trade Desk Experience you can configure it for activation. All tactics for The Trade Desk Experiences have the same three configuration steps within the Experience Editor:

  1. Target - select the target audience for your Experience.
  2. Configure The Trade Desk - set up how the audience for your Experience will be exported. This step will match the configuration instructions of the The Trade Desk Export Audiences and will generally function the same, but without the Audience selection, as that is configured by the Target step in the Experience editor.

  3. Configure Delivery - choose to turn the Delivery Optimization feature on or off. To learn more about this feature, see our Delivery Optimization Documentation.

Once you've finished configuring the Experience you can save and activate it.


Activating The Trade Desk Experiences in Lytics initiates an Audience Export of the target audience, it will appear in The Trade Desk under the name of the Experience. Once exported, the Experience audience can be added to your Ad Group in The Trade Desk.


Experience Metrics are collected for The Trade Desk Experiences by launching an Experience Metrics collection workflow. Metrics are collected for The Trade Desk Ad Groups via the My Reports API. When the workflow starts, it will schedule a performance report for the Ad Groups that have been imported into Lytics. The report schedule will be named using the following convention: "Lytics {WORK ID}." When started for the first time, the workflow will schedule a report to pull in the last 24 hours of performance data, and thereafter to pull in data daily. Every hour, the workflow will check for a new report execution to ingest. If one is available, the workflow will download and parse the report for Ad Group Impressions and Clicks. From these, the Click Rate will be calulated. ttd metrics new

Metrics from The Trade Desk appear in the experience UI as follows:

  • Reached - How many users have seen the creatives in your Ad Group since import to Lytics was initiated.

  • Clicks - How many users clicked on creatives in your Ad Group when reached.

  • Click Rate - This is calculated as the ratio Clicks / Impressions