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The Trade Desk: Cookie Sync

If you want to export audiences from Lytics to The Trade Desk you will need a field in Lytics, "The Trade Desk Identifier". One way to add this identifier to a Lytics profile is using this client-side cookie sync to exchange Lytics cookie IDs with matching IDs from The Trade Desk.

Integration Details

Once the integration is enabled, the following will occur on every page load where the Lytics JavaScript tag is installed on your website:

  1. The Lytics tag will initiate the cookie sync by loading The Trade Desk Match Tag. This request will include the Lytics _uid and your Lytics account ID as URL parameters.
  2. The Trade Desk pixel will perform a 302 redirect back to the Lytics collector endpoint which will include the user's The Trade Desk cookie ID (ttd_id) as a parameter.
  3. Lytics will ingest this data to the thetradedesk data stream.


The following fields are imported to the thetradedesk data stream:

Source FieldLytics User FieldDescriptionType
_uid_uidWeb Cookie Id(current)string
_uid_uids unique idWeb Cookie Ids(all)[]string
ttd_idttd_id unique idTheTradeDesk Cookie IDstring

In addition, as part of this sync, the current _uid field for that user will be exported to The Trade Desk.


Follow these steps to set up and configure the cookie sync between Lytics and The Trade Desk:

  1. Before you can enable the cookie sync in Lytics you need to do some configuration in The Trade Desk to provide them the Lytics URL to redirect to. Reach out to your representative at The Trade Desk for assistance with this configuration. Provide them with the following redirect URL for the cookie sync:
  2. Once configured, in your instance of The Trade Desk you should now have a partner ID for The Trade Desk which you will need as part of the configuration in Lytics.
  3. Before you proceed, make sure that the JavaScript Lytics tag version 3 is installed on your website.
  4. In the Lytics dashboard, navigate to the tag section of your account settings by clicking on your account name from the navigation and then clicking Manage Account > Tag.
  5. To enable the cookie sync, check the Automatically place the The Trade Desk sync img tag onto your site? checkbox.
  6. In the Partner ID for The Trade Desk Cookie Sync textbox, paste your partner ID for The Trade Desk. The Trade Desk Cookie Sync Configuration
  7. Click Save to change your settings and enable the cookie sync.
  8. Once users visit your website, you should begin seeing data flowing into the thetradedesk stream.