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The Trade Desk Authorization

If you haven't already done so, you will need to setup an account on The Trade Desk before you begin the process described below.

To authorize this integration, you will be required to provide a Secret Key that Lytics uses to send the data to your account in The Trade Desk. To obtain your Secret Key, please contact your account representative at The Trade Desk.

  1. Navigate to The Trade Desk in the Integrations section of Lytics. thetradedesk-int-tile.png
  2. Navigate to Authorizations.
  3. Click New Authorization.
  4. Using dropdown menu, select the nearest Data Center.
  5. Enter your Secret Key.
  6. Enter a short Description to help you identify the authorization.
  7. Click Authorize. tradedesk-auth

You are now ready to start an export audiences workflow with The Trade Desk.