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Taboola: S3 CSV Export

Export Lytics audiences to Taboola to reach the most relevant users with your Taboola ads.

Integration Details

The Lytics JavaScript Tag supports a client-side integration which syncs Taboola cookie IDs to your Lytics profiles. Once this is set up, the S3 CSV Export workflow is used to export Lytics audiences to Taboola. The export uploads CSVs containing audience membership to an S3 shared between Lytics and Taboola. Taboola ingests the files from the S3 and updates audience membership in Taboola accordingly.

Once the export is started the workflow will:

  1. Scan the audiences selected for export.
  2. Collect each user's Taboola ID from the selected Identifier Field.
  3. Write each user's Taboola ID to a CSV file, along with the selected audiences the user is a member of.
  4. Upload the CSV to an S3 bucket shared between Lytics and Taboola.
  5. Steps 1 through 4 will be repeated daily at the time specified by Time of Day and Timezone.


This export is for audience membership only. No fields are exported.


Follow these steps to set up and configure an export from Lytics to Taboola.

  1. To enable the client-side cookie sync, ensure that Version 3 of the Lytics JavaScript tag is installed on your website. Enable the Taboola sync in your account settings and ensure that taboola is not included on your integration blacklist.
  2. To begin the S3 CSV export from the Lytics UI, navigate to Data > Integrations and select Taboola.taboola 215
  3. Click on the New Workflow button.
  4. From the Audiences input, select the Lytics audiences that contain the users to export. taboola audience selection
  5. From the Identifier input, select the field containing the Taboola ID.
  6. Select the Time of Day to start the export each day.
  7. Select the Timezone for the Time of Day.
  8. Click the Start Export button to start the work.taboola configuration