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Connect Swrve to Lytics to use Lytics' powerful data science driven segments for targeting.

Optionally, you can use Lytics to unite user data across channels. In Swrve's moble SDK, at a point where the user's identity is learned like a login screen, just set the swrve_user_id to a cross-channel identifier such as an email address, Twitter ID, Facebook user ID, or proprietary ID for your company.

This will allow Lytics to unify Swrve's information with email marketing response data, or any other data you're bringing in.

How to Import Data from Swrve into Lytics:

  1. Navigate to the Swrve integration in the Integration section of Lytics.

  2. Connect Swrve to Lytics by entering your Swrve API Key and Personal Key into Lytics. (You will only do this once per Swrve project and platform.) You can find your API Key and Personal Key in your Swrve account by navigating into a Project and Platform, under Setup > Integration Settings.