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Snapchat: Export Audience

Starting an export will create an Snap Audience Match (SAM) audience by exporting a Lytics audience to Snapchat. Lytics can match on email address or mobile ad ID. After the initial load, the work will run continuously, adding or removing users from the Snapchat audience as users enter or leave the Lytics audience.

Integration Details

  • Implementation Type: Server-side.
  • Implementation Technique: REST APIs with audience triggers.
  • Frequency: Real-time, with an optional one-time backfill of the audience after setup.
  • Resulting data: A Lytics audience will be exported to Snapchat.


By default, Lytics exports the following fields to Snapchat:

Lytics User FieldDescriptionSnapchat FieldType
emailSHA256 Emailschemastring
email/mobile ad idMobile Ad IDschemastring

You can also export any Lytics user field to a custom Snapchat field, so long as the field type is a string.


Follow these steps to set up and configure an export of a Lytics audience to Snapchat.

  1. Navigate to the Integrations page and select the Snapchat tile. snapchat-tile
  2. Select Workflows.
  3. Select Add New Workflow.
  4. Select Export Audience.
  5. Select the Authorization you would like to use.
  6. Select the Audience that you want to export to Snapchat.
  7. Select the Organization in Snapchat that has the ads account that you want to export to.
  8. Select the Snapchat Ad Account where the Snapchat audience will be created.
  9. In the Snap Audience box, choose the Snapchat audience. Here you are given the option of selecting an existing Snapchat audience to add users to, or enter a name to create a new Snapchat audience.
  10. To use a non-default user field for email, select a field from the Email Field drop-down list.
  11. (Optional) Toggle Show Advanced Options to reveal the following options.
    1. From the SHA256 Email Field drop-down list, select the field that contains the SHA256 hash of the user's email.
    2. From the Mobile Ad ID Field drop-down field, select the field that contains the mobile identifier for that user.
    3. Select a field from the SHA256 Email Field dropdown to use a non-default user field for first name.
    4. Select the Existing Users checkbox if you would like to export users who already exist in the selected Lytics audience. This option is pre-checked.
  12. Click Start Export to begin the export workflow.