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Shopify: Import Audiences & Activity Data

Importing your Shopify customers and their activity data into Lytics enables you to run personalized marketing campaigns for your Shopify customers.

Integration Details

This integration utilizes the Shopify APIs to import user data. Once the import is started the job will:

  1. Import all customers and orders from your Shopify account into the shopify_users and shopify_orders streams, respectively.
  2. Continue to import any new customers and orders hourly.


The following fields are included in the default mapping of the shopify_users stream:

Source FieldLytics User FieldDescriptionType
idshopify_customer_id unique idShopify Customer Idstring
emailemail unique idEmailstring
default_address.address1address_1Address 1string
default_address.address2address_2Address 2string
default_address.citycityCitystring, default_address.country_codecountryCountrystring
first_namefirst_nameFirst Namestring
last_namelast_nameLast Namestring
phonephonePhone Numberstring
accepts_marketingshopify_accepts_marketingShopify Accepts Marketingstring
created_atshopify_created_tsShopify Created Timestring
last_order_nameshopify_last_order_nameShopify Name on Last Orderstring
orders_countshopify_purchase_ctShopify Lifetime Number of Ordersstring
tax_exemptshopify_tax_exemptShopify Tax Exemptstring
tagsshopify_customer_tagsShopify Tags Attached to the Customer[]string
total_spentshopify_total_spentShopify Lifetime Total Spentstring
updated_atshopify_updated_tsShopify Updated Timestring

The following fields are included in the default mapping of the shopify_orders stream:

Source FieldLytics User FieldDescriptionType
order_idshopify_order_ids unique idShopify Order IDs[]string
emailemail unique idEmailstring
customer_idshopify_customer_id unique idShopify Customer IDstring
created_atlast_purchase_tsMost Recent Order Timedate
discount_codesshopify_discount_codesShopify Discount Codes Used[]string
created_atshopify_first_order_tsFirst Order Timedate
item_idsshopify_item_idsShopify Item Ids[]string
currencyshopify_last_order_currencyLast Order Currencystring
total_priceshopify_last_order_priceLast Order Pricestring
product_idsshopify_product_idsShopify Product Ids Ordered[]string
product_namesshopify_product_namesShopify Product Names Ordered[]string
product_titlesshopify_product_titlesShopify Products Titles Ordered[]string
variant_idsshopify_variant_idsShopify Variant Ids[]string


Follow these steps to set up and configure an import of Shopify data into the Lytics platform. If you are new to creating jobs in Lytics, see the Jobs Dashboard documentation for more information.

  1. Select Shopify from the list of providers.
  2. Select the Import Audiences & Activity Data job type from the list.
  3. Select the Authorization you would like to use or create a new one.
  4. Enter a Label to identify this job you are creating in Lytics.
  5. (Optional) Enter a Description for further context on your job.
  6. (Optional) Select the Import Customer Metafields to import metafields associated with each Shopify user.
  7. Select the Keep Updated checkbox to continuously run this import.
  8. Click Start Import. shopify-import