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Salesforce: API Limitations

Salesforce has limitations for the maximum number of daily API Calls. An API call is a connection made to a Salesforce server on your account's behalf. Lytics provides some guidelines below for working with these limits for your integration connection.

  • Different accounts have different limits on the number of API calls allowed per 24 hours. You can find more information about these limits in the Salesforce documentation.
  • In addition to your Lytics integration, your Sales team may have additional integrations using the Salesforce API. For example, they may use a tool to capture LinkedIn information and send it into Salesforce, which would also use their API.

To estimate an appropriate number of API calls to enter for the Salesforce import, Lytics recommends you use the following formula:

(Total Daily API Calls Allowed - Daily API Calls For Other Integrations) / 2

Dividing by two allows you to allot the same number of API calls to the upcoming Salesforce Export.

To roughly estimate how long your initial import will take, use the following formula:

(Total Leads + Total Contacts + Total Opportunities + Total Accounts) / Total Daily API Calls Allowed for Lytics Import

This will yield the approximate number of days that will be required.

Note: this estimate will be slightly low because each time the import encounters an API limit, it sleeps for 24 hours rather than restarting at the same time the following day.