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OneSignal: Import Audiences & Activity Data

Import user data from your Apps in OneSignal such as device details and aggregate activity data for use in your Lytics audiences.

Integration Details

  • Implementation Type: Server-side.
  • Implementation Technique: REST API .
  • Frequency: User data is batch imported, with option of daily continuous updates. By default the import will run every 24 hours.
  • Resulting data: Users from your Apps on OneSignal.

This integration utilizes the OneSignal API to receive user data. Each run of the job will proceed as follows:

  1. Get the apps as requested.
  2. Filter for valid App IDs.
  3. Get information on users for all apps and place in the Lytics data stream onesignal_users.


The following fields are included in the default mapping of the onesignal_users stream:

Source FieldLytics User FieldDescriptionType
session_countsession_countSession Countint
languageos_languageOneSignal Languagestring
game_versionos_app_versionApp versionstring
device_osos_device_osDevice OSstring
device_typeos_device_typeDevice Typeint
device_modelos_device_modelDevice Modelstring
last_activeos_last_active_tsLast Active on OneSignaldate
last_activelast_active_tsLast Active on Any Channeldata
playtimeos_total_time_in_appTotal time in appint
amount_spentos_total_amount_spentTotal Amount Spentfloat
created_atos_created_atCreated Atdata
badge_countos_badge_countBadge Countint


Follow these steps to set up an import users job for OneSignal. If you are new to creating jobs in Lytics, see the Jobs Dashboard documentation for more information.

  1. Select OneSignal from the list of providers.
  2. Select the Import Audiences & Activity Data job type from the list.
  3. Select the Authorization you would like to use or create a new one.
  4. Enter a Label to identify this job you are creating in Lytics.
  5. (Optional) Enter a Description for further context on your job.
  6. Select the Apps to import data from. Apps in the right column will be imported.
  7. Select Keep Updated to import users continuously. The import will run every 24 hours.
  8. Click Start Import.

OneSignal Import Config