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With NetSuite you can import consumer data for use in Lytics audiences. Target your marketing efforts to your users based on subscription status and more. This article covers:

Before you begin

You will need to enable token based authentication in NetSuite, see the NetSuite authentication documentation for instructions on setting up token based authentication.


Ensure you have followed the instructions in the NetSuite authentication documentation to create the 4 keys you need to authorize Lytics to access your NetSuite account.

  1. Navigate to the NetSuite integration in the Integrations section of Lytics.
  2. Navigate to Authorizations.
  3. Click Add new authorization.netsuite add new auth
  4. In the Account ID field, enter your NetSuite account ID. To locate your account ID, in Netsuite go to Setup > Company > Setup Tasks > Company Information. The account ID field is located near the bottom of the right column.
  5. In the Token Key field, enter your token id you created.
  6. In the Token Secret field, enter your token Secret you created.
  7. In the Consumer Key field, enter your consumer id you created.
  8. In the Consumer Secret field, enter your consumer Secret you created.
  9. In the Description box, enter a name for your authorization.
  10. Click Authorize. netsuite create auth

Import Consumers

Import all consumers updated since a specified date.

User fieldsemail, first_name, last_name, company name, custom fields
Provider fieldsaddress, email preference, email transactions, internal ID, status, entity id, global subscription status, account, terms, unbilled orders
User activitynone
Campaign contentno
Click URL paramnone
  1. Log in to your Lytics account.
  2. Open the NetSuite integration or click Data > Integrations and select NetSuite from the integrations list.
  3. Select New workflow.NetSuite New Workflow
  4. Select Import Consumers. netsuite select workflow
  5. Identify the authorization you would like to use and click Select. See authorization for instructions on creating a new authorization.NetSuite select auth
  6. In the Import Since textbox, enter the earliest date you would like to import modified consumers from. date format is yyyy-mm-dd.
  7. (Optional) If the Keep Updated checkbox is selected, Lytics will import consumer data every day.
  8. Click Start Import.
  9. netsuite configure Consumer data should be available in your Lytics account within an hour, it may take longer depending on how much historic data is being imported.