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Maropost: Export List

Starting this workflow will sync a Lytics audience to a Maropost list allowing you to run email campaigns based on relevant targeting criteria such as cross-channel behavior, content affinities, and more.

Integration Details

  • Implementation Type: Server-side.
  • Implementation Technique: REST API.
  • Frequency: Real-time.
  • Resulting data: Contacts are added/updated in a Maropost list.

This integration utilizes the Maropost APIs to send user data. Once initiated, an export workflow will go as follows:

  1. Users in the Lytics audience will be added to the Maropost list, with email, first name, last name, and any custom field mappings sent to Maropost via the Contacts endpoint in Maropost.
  2. Additionally, the Lytics audience name will be added as a tag in Maropost.
  3. As users enter or exit the Lytics audience, the tag will be added or removed from the contact profile in Maropost.


By default, Lytics exports the following fields to a Maropost contact:

Lytics User FieldDescriptionMaropost FieldType
emailEmail AddressEmailstring
first_nameFirst Namefirst_namestring
last_nameLast Namelast_namestring


Follow these steps to set up and configure your audience export to Maropost.

  1. Navigate to the Integrations page and select the Maropost tile. maropost
  2. Select Workflows from the menu on the left.
  3. Select Export List.
  4. Select the authorization you would like to use. If you haven't added one yet, click Add new authorization and see the Maropost authorization document for more details.
  5. Select the Audience you want to export. Push notifications will be sent to users as they enter the audience.
  6. Select the List to export users into Maropost.
  7. Check Keep Updated if you want to continually update the Maropost list.
  8. (Optional) Under Field Mappings, map Lytics fields to Maropost fields. As users are exported to Maropost, if the user field exists in Lytics, then it will be updated in Maropost. maropost export configure
  9. Click Start Export.

Contacts should be updated in Maropost within a few minutes with the Lytics audience tags, and any other mapped fields. As users enter or exit the Lytics audience, updates will be sent to Maropost continuously until the export workflow is stopped.