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Marketo: Export Audiences

Export Lytics audiences to Marketo to refine your targeting and personalization efforts for high-value prospects.

Integration Details

This integration utilizes the Marketo REST API to send user data. Once the export is started the job will:

  1. Scan the selected Lytics audience.
  2. For each user in the audience, it writes that user's identifier and any mapped fields to a CSV file.
  3. Upload the CSV file using Marketo's Bulk Import api and will create the bulk import job in Marketo. The export job will then go to sleep for 10 minutes to let Marketo finish the bulk import job.
  4. The export job continues to monitor bulk import job using Marketo's job status api. The export does not send any user unless the previous Marketo bulk import job is finished.
  5. The export job will run continuously. As users enter/exit the Lytics audience, they will be written to a file. The file will be sent to Marketo every 10 minutes or when the file reaches 10 MB in size.


You can export any Lytics user fields to Marketo Lead Fields. Lytics allows you to select user fields as part of the workflow configuration described below.


Follow these steps to set up an export job for Marketo. If you are new to creating jobs in Lytics, see the Jobs Dashboard documentation for more information.

  1. Select Marketo from the list of providers.
  2. Select the Export Audiences from the list.
  3. Select the Authorization you would like to use or create a new one.
  4. Enter a Label to identify this job you are creating in Lytics.
  5. (Optional) Enter a Description for further context on your job.
  6. Select the Audience to export.
  7. Select the Identifier Field to identify users in Marketo.
  8. Select the Field Mappings to map fields from Lytics to Marketo by selecting the Lytics field on the left, and Marketo Leads field on the right.
  9. (Optional) Select the Destination List to configure where Marketo fields will be exported.
  10. (Optional) Select Existing Users checkbox to send users who already exist in the selected Lytics audience.
  11. (Optional) Select the Audience Membership Field to configure the field name where audience membership information will be stored in Marketo.
  12. Click Start Export. marketo-export