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Mapp Experiences

Lytics Experiences supports Mapp marketing campaign single sends. This Experience can be run as stand-alone campaigns such as group emails.

Experience Import

Like all Experience enabled providers, you can import Experiences from Mapp to Lytics. During the import process, you will be asked to select an authorization. Read the Mapp authorization documentation for more information.

Before you can import, you will need to provide the Group ID of the messages you wish to import. Map experience group ID

Once you've entered a Group ID, you can import eligible messages as Lytics Experiences.

Mapp Experience List


Mapp Experiences in Lytics support the following tactic:

  • Single Send - Sync a Lytics audience for a one-time email blast.

The tactic for an Experience is determined by the type of email created in Mapp, single send. The import list only contains NORMAL, SPLIT_MAIN and SPLIT_TEST messages from Mapp.


After importing a Mapp Experience you can configure it for activation. This tactic for Mapp Experiences has two configuration steps within the Experience Editor:

  1. Target - select the target audience for your Experience.
  2. Configure Mapp - set up how the audience for your Experience will be exported. This step will match the configuration instructions of the following jobs based on tactic:
    • Export Audiences for Single Send tactics. The activation will generally function the same as the corresponding job, but without the Audience selection, as that is configured by the Target step in the Experience editor.

Once you've finished configuring the Experience you can save and activate it.


Single Send activation pushes users to a Mapp Group and functions similarly to the Export Audiences. Once exported, the experience audience can be assigned to your message in Mapp.

Single Send Tactics

When you activate this Experience, users will be pushed to a Mapp Group.

  1. Ensure that that your selected Group was populated in your Mapp account. Navigate to Groups.
  2. Next it's expected that you will assign this Group to your Email Message. This is the message that metrics will be collected on.
  3. Proceed with the sending process once your email message is ready.


Experience Metrics are collected for Mapp Experiences by launching an Experience Metrics collection workflow. Metrics are collected every hour for Mapp Messages via the Message getStatistics API.

Lytics metrics are recorded using the following fields provided by the Message getStatistics API:

  • Reach: confirmedOpener The number of confirmed people who opened your email message.
  • Converted: uniqueClickers The number of people who performed a click.
  • Conversion Rate: clickToOpenRate The percentage of people who open your email message and performed a unique click.

These events are also mapped to the Lytics user fields Reached with Mapp Experience and Converted on Mapp Experience, which are available in the audience builder so that you can create audiences of users who have been reached by or converted on your Mapp Experiences.