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Connecting your Mandrill account gives you the ability to begin collecting email data in real-time. As users open and click on emails sent through Mandrill, Lytics will collect this information and make it available to build segments with.

This article covers:


  1. Navigate to Mandrill in the Integrations section of Lytics. mandrill

  2. Navigate to the Authorizations section. Authorizations section

  3. Click the New authorization button. New authorization

  4. You can create an API Key in the Settings tab in Mandrill.

    1. Select New API Key. api
    2. Populate the form as below: privs
    3. Copy the API key that Mandrill generates: completed
  5. Authorize Mandrill by configuring your Mandrill API key Mandrill authorization setup

Import Data from Mandrill into Lytics

  1. Authorize Lytics with Mandrill, if you have not previously done so.

  2. Select Setup webhooks from the list of workflows.

  3. This workflow doesn't require any additional configuration. Click Start setup and Lytics will begin collecting data in realtime as users open and click through emails sent from Mandrill. Start Mandrill setup