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Localytics: Import Profiles

Import profile data from Localytics to add mobile user data to user profiles in Lytics.

Integration Details

This integration utilizes the the Localytics Profile Export API. You will need to set up the ProfileDB export in the Localytics UI as described in the linked doc. Once the export is started, and then the import started in Lytics, the job will:

  1. Import the Localytics ProfileDB export file.
  2. Every day at 16:00 UTC, if Profile Changes is selected.
    • change logs from Localytics for the prior 24 hours are imported
    • on the first of the month a full profile import is run instead of the change logs
  3. If Profile Changes is not selected, the full profile export will be imported every day.
  4. Ingested profile data is written to the localytics_profiles data stream in Lytics.


The following fields are included in the default mapping of the localytics_profiles stream:

Source FieldLytics Default FieldDescriptionType
_ll.google_advertising_id unique idgoogle_aidCurrent Google Advertising IDstring
_ll.advertising_id unique ididfaCurrent IDFAstring
_ll.raw_customer_id unique idlocalytics_customer_idLocalytics Customer IDstring
$email unique idemailEmailstring
_ll.carrierlocalytics_device_carrierLocalytics Device Carrierstring
_ll.device_uuidlocalytics_device_idLocalytics Device IDstring
_ll.device_timezonelocalytics_timezoneLocalytics Device Timezoneint
_ll.languagelocalytics_languageLocalytics Languagestring
_ll.limit_advertisinglocalytics_limit_advertisingLocalytics Limit Advertisingboolean
_ll.typelocalytics_typeLocalytics Event Typestring
_ll.os_verlocalytics_os_versionLocalytics OS Versionstring
_ll. platformlocalytics_platformLocalytics Platformstring
_ll.push_statuslocalytics_push_statusLocalytics Push Statusstring
_ll.user_typelocalytics_user_typeLocalytics User Typestring
_ll.last_session_datelocalytics_last_session_dateLocalytics Last Session Datedate
$first_namefirst_nameFirst Namestring
$last_namelast_nameLast Namestring
$full_namefull_nameFull Namestring


Follow these steps to set up and configure an import job for Localytics in the Lytics platform. If you are new to creating jobs in Lytics, see the Jobs Dashboard documentation for more information.

  1. Select Localytics.
  2. Select the Import Audiences job type from the list.
  3. Select the Authorization you would like to use or create a new one.
  4. Complete the configuration steps for your job. Localytics import profile config
  5. In the ProfileDB ID numeric field enter the ID of the Localytics Profile DB to pull profile data from. See Localytics documentation for details.
  6. Select the Keep Updated checkbox to continuously import Localytics profiles every day. Uncheck to run import once.
  7. From the Update Type input select whether to pull from the complete profile export or the profile changes from Localytics. To use profile changes, a profile changes export must be started in Localytics. Profile changes will result in less data being ingested into Lytics, and may lead to faster profile updates. Select Full Profile DB if profile changes is not available.
  8. Click Start Import.

Profile data should appear in the localytics_profile stream in the Data Streams section of Lytics within an hour, and the mapped user fields above will be added to the user profiles as new profile data is imported.