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LiveRamp Overview

LiveRamp is an identity resolution platform that provides data onboarding and connectivity services. It connects campaign exposure data, offline purchase data, and third-party data at the consumer level to help create a unified view of customer activity.

Integrating Lytics with LiveRamp lets you leverage Lytics insights, behavioral data, and content affinities with LiveRamp's identity resolution to better understand and target your consumers.

NOTE: Before starting a workflow, it's important to understand the terminology differences of “audiences” and "segments" between LiveRamp and Lytics:

  • LiveRamp “audiences” are a collection of users included for cross-device identity resolution. The corresponding concept in Lytics is the file being exported from Lytics into LiveRamp.

  • Lytics “audiences” are sent as attributes (columns) within the file exported to a single LiveRamp audience. Each Lytics audience inside a file will become a “segment” in LiveRamp.

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