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Klaviyo: Import Users & Activity

Importing user and activity data from Klaviyo results in new users or existing user profiles supplemented with Klaviyo data. You can use this data to build and refine your existing Lytics audiences to power better, cross-channel campaigns.

Integration Details

This integration utilizes Klaviyo APIs to import user and campaign data. Once the import is started, the job will:

  1. Iterate through all the selected lists and for each:
    1. Get the lists's members.
    2. Iterate through all the members in a list and get the profile. If the member's profile has been updated since the last import, the member's profile is passed to klaviyo_users stream.
  2. For all the selected lists, get the activity metric data since the last import. Activity metrics are passed to klaviyo_activity stream.


The following fields are included in the default mapping of the klaviyo_users stream. If you want to import custom user fields from Klaviyo, please contact your Lytics account manager.

Source FieldLytics User FieldDescriptionType
$address1address_1Address Line 1string
$address2address_2Address Line 2string
$first_namefirst_nameFirst Namestring
$last_namelast_nameLast Namestring
$phone_numberphonePhone Numberstring
email($email)email unique idEmailstring
idka_profile_id unique idKlaviyo Profile Idstring
set(campaign_ids)ka_campaign_idsKlaviyo Campaigns[]string
set(list_ids)ka_list_idsKlaviyo Lists[]string
todate(updated)ka_user_updatedKlaviyo Profile Updateddate

The following fields are included in the default mapping of the klaviyo_activity stream:

Source FieldLytics User FieldDescriptionType
Client Namemail_clientMail Clientstring
Client OS Familymail_client_os_familyMail Client Operating System Familystring
Client OSmail_client_osMail Client Operating Systemstring
Client Typemail_client_typeMail Client Typestring
Email DomainemaildomainEmail Domainstring
count(event_name)ka_clickctKlaviyo Click Countint
count(event_name)ka_openctKlaviyo Opened Email Countint
count(event_name)ka_recievedctKlaviyo Recieved Email Countint
count(event_name)ka_unsubctKlaviyo Unsubscribe Countint
epochms()ka_recieved_tsKlaviyo Recieved Email Timedate
epochms()ka_unsub_tsKlaviyo Unsubscribe Timedate
event_nameka_email_eventKlaviyo Email Eventstring
max(epochms())ka_lastclick_tsKlaviyo Last Email Clickdate
max(epochms())ka_lastopen_tsKlaviyo Last Opened Emaildate
max(epochms())last_active_tsLast Active on Any Channeldate
min(epochms())ka_firstclick_tsKlaviyo First Email Clickdate
min(epochms())ka_firstopen_tsKlaviyo First Opened Emaildate
profile_idka_profile_id unique idKlaviyo Profile Idstring
set(Subject)ka_email_subjectKlaviyo Email Subject[]string
set(URL)ka_email_urlKlaviyo Campaign URL[]string
set(Campaign Name)ka_campaign_nameKlaviyo Campaign Name[]string
set(campaign_id)ka_campaign_idsKlaviyo Campaign Ids[]string
valuect(event_name)ka_email_eventctKlaviyo Email Event Countmap[string]intsum
valuect(hash(urlmain(URL)))hashedurlsHashed URLs Visitedmap[string]intsum
valuect(hourofday())ka_hourlyclickKlaviyo Email Clicks By Hourmap[string]intsum
valuect(hourofday())ka_hourlyopenKlaviyo Opened Emails By Hourmap[string]intsum


Follow these steps to set up and configure an import job for Klaviyo in the Lytics platform. If you are new to creating jobs in Lytics, see the Jobs Dashboard documentation for more information.

  1. Select Klaviyo from the list of providers.
  2. Select the Import Users and Activity Data job type from the list.
  3. Select the Authorization you would like to use or create a new one.
  4. Enter a Label to identify this job you are creating in Lytics.
  5. (Optional) Enter a Description for further context on your job.
  6. Complete the configuration steps for your job. Klaviyo import work config
  7. From the Lists to Import input, select lists to import. Lists available to be imported from Klaviyo are located in the left column. Campaigns added to the right column will be imported to Lytics.
  8. (Optional) Select the Skip importing Klaviyo activity data checkbox to skip importing Klaviyo activity.
  9. (Optional) Select the Skip importing Klaviyo user profiles checkbox to skip importing Klaviyo users.
  10. (Optional) In the Start Date text box, enter the date to start importing Klaviyo user and activity data. Please use the format yyyy-mm-dd, e.g. 2021-01-25.
  11. (Optional) Select the Keep Updated checkbox to continuously import data.
  12. Click Start Import.