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iContact develops an award winning email marketing solution.

What You Get

Connecting your iContact account to Lytics gives you the ability to import your user and activity data from iContact, combine it with information from other sources, and use it to precisely segment and target users across platforms.

What to Do

Folow the instructions below to get iContact connected to Lytics. After that, you can import users and activity from iContact.

Connecting iContact to Lytics

To connect to iContact, you will need to enable Lytics on your iContact account. Navigate to the external login section of iContact and enter the Lytics Application ID lqx6zVy4N9ElnUQ10SEOHGnrsiKUMaYI and a unique password in the appropriate fields. Click save.

To start using iContact with Lytics, navigate to the Integrations section of Lytics and select iContact.

Enter the email address associated with your iContact account and the password that you created in the previous step.

Once iContact has been connected to Lytics, you can import your user and activity data into Lytics.